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Long time, no post (TL;DR)

Hi y'all.

I know, I've been MIA from lj for a really long time. In fact my last post was from well over a year ago... and it was a measly little icon post at that. Let's be honest, I've been away from lj and all your lives for so long that you've probably haven't given me a second thought ("Bree who...?") and for that I am truly sorry. Those words don't even measure up to just how sorry I am to the people that meant the absolute world to me (here's looking at you lady_delish  ). I have been doing a hell of a lot of soul searching in the last few months, evaluating my life and where it might have be heading if I kept doing what I was doing and it suddenly dawned on me one day that I didn't want to keep doing this. I didn't want to focus all my attention on my boyfriend and neglect my friends and family 'cause I knew it would come back and bite me on the arse one day. I didn't want that to happen but it did. I let it happen and I have no one to blame but myself.

Because of this soul searching it lead me to make one of the hardest decisions of my life: ending my relationship with my boyfriend of nearly 3 years. I know to some people 3 years might not seem like a huuge amount of time but, for both of us, it was our longest and most serious relationship we ever had. For months I was shit scared of the outcome and what would happen to me if I ended it all. Would I be okay? Would Adam be okay? Am I able to cope and move on with my life after this? Those were the kind of questions I was asking myself for at least 6 months prior. I was at a serious crossroads and I had to make a decision. I could either settle for second best and stay with my boyfriend who didn't have the motivation to find himself another job for over two years after he had to pay the consequence the "global downturn" (my minimum wage job had us barely scrapping through week by week during that time) OR I could take the somewhat scarier option and remove myself from it all and move on with my life and start all over again.

I'm not gonna lie, I was terrified of taking the latter. I was scared that I was going to be single for the rest of my life and no other guy would love me the way that Adam did where he loved me for me and accepted every part of me - the good, the bad and the ugly. Eventually, it all got too much and I couldn't cope with Adam being the way he was. I couldn't deal with him not having the drive or passion to get a job (and at this point he could've gotten the worst job in the world and I would've been satisfied) and I couldn't deal with looking after him like I was his mother (hell, I paid for the majority of the food, keeping a roof over his head and the clothes off his back). I just couldn't do it anymore! I declared a break from all this stress and from him. I temporarily moved some of my stuff back to my mum's while I sorted out my feelings and what I wanted to do. While I was figuring out my next move, not only did I spend a lot of time with myself I spent a heck of a lot more time with family and friends (especially friends). I found myself loving life heaps more and being my old self pre-Adam. I really missed that. I missed the single life. I missed just being with myself and hanging out with my girlfriend's, talking shit. I was discovering myself and I loved what I was finding out about me all over again. I even found new likes and interests, especially with music (I'm loving Ou Est Le Swimming Pool, Pendulum and Swedish House Mafia right now). I knew then and there that I would end it all because it turned out that I was a better person without him. Needless to say, breaking the news to Adam didn't go down very well. The break up was emotional and messy and difficult to go through. However, I really felt like a huge emotional weight had been lifted from my shoulders and all I wanted to do now was move on with my life and just spend time with the people I love. It's been a week and I already feel a lot better. I know I'll be okay and I know I'll meet someone else who'll make me even more happy and confident. I am fine with letting it all run it's natural course.

I know this post had been a long one (hence, the tag) so I really appreciate it if you have read this whole thing and stuck this out. Really, I just wanted to post this to thankyou all. I want to thank the people that stuck by me and listened to me bitch about my issues with my former boyfriend and for anyone who gave me a shoulder to cry on when I needed it. I am truly blessed to have people who are still there for me even when I wasn't around much. If it wasn't for those people I wouldn't be where I am now. I also want to send a BIG thanks the friends that I selfishly ditched for him. If it wasn't for them then I probably wouldn't have opened my eyes to see that my life was being wasted away to nothing without them. I'm just sorry that I was so stupid to give it up to guy that was no good for me.

And lastly, I want to send a HUUUGE apology to lady_delish . She was the one person who I neglected the most. I was her best friend and she was mine. The best memories I had were always with her and I stupidly gave it all up for a guy. A GUY! Really?! She was really the only one who understood me and was always there for me. Since I've been back at my mum's place I have been wanting to come over to her place and  just grovel with my hands and knees, begging for her forgiveness for being such an asshole but of course, I'm too chickenshit for that. I hope she can find it in her heart to forgive me one day so we can have the special bond that we once had and I promise her that I will never, ever do this to her ever again. I LOVE YOU BABE!


Icon Post

Here I have icons for -

Britney Spears
Sophia Bush & Chad Michael Murray
Sophia Bush
True Blood


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Take what you want, credit if you wish...

Enjoy :D


Shit, who watched the first epp of Glee last night? Holy crap, I think this show will become my new obsession. And I've had Dont Stop Believing in my head all fucking day xD I dont want to wait til September for the rest of the season goddammit!!

brb gonna make some Glee icons


not that srs, but holy shit!!

omg guys, i'm freaking out!! I thought my mate had bought our tix for the britney spears concert but when i called him at lunch today he told me that he didnt get paid enough to pay his own way so i was like "jmfc, beg your mum!"

holy shit I hope his mum pimps him out for these tix or something coz i really really REALLY wanna go haha

/n00b rant


ATL havent made me this lulzy in aaages! i miss them...
Can anyone give me free links as I want to convert a video (that's not from youtube) into an ipod format video. Any help is appreciated, cheers.


50 OTH Icons

- Screen Shots, Photoshoots & Public Appearances
- Use how you like, credit if you wish


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Rachel Bilson
All Time Low
Britney Spears
Sophia Bush
One Tree Hill


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I literally whipped these puppies on fotoflexer which is why they look so basic lol.
credit if you wish but it isn't mandatory, enjoy..


I'm not a legit photographer so don't expect great quality!

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It's that time once again

when we find out who's doing Soundwave for next year.

08 Soundwave lineup > 09 Soundwave lineup tbqh but I'm still pretty happy with the acts for 09.
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus have been annouced for next year which I'm very pleased with but I just really hope they don't do a runner at the last minute again (I doubt they will but you never know). Hellogoodbye, Emery, Anberlin, New Found Glory, Valencia and Alesana have all been announced. But the acts I'm really excited about are The Audition and Madina Lake! I missed ML this year since all time low we're basically easier to find and played at the same time as ML which made me a sad panda so bring on 2009 I say

Who are excited to see for 2009?